Seasons and Rates

Spring Fishing


Starting with ice out, we will see hungry bluegills moving shallow, and huge Lake Wissota pre-spawn crappies become easy pickings.  The walleye jig bite on Lake Wissota will be hot, and smallmouth bass will also go into pre-spawn mode.  

Summer Fishing


The bluegill spawn is some of the most fun you can have with your kids!  Also heating up is the walleye trolling bite.  Walleyes will fall victim to crank baits and live bait rigs alike.  On Lake Wissota, and other parts of the Chippewa River system, both channel catfish and flathead catfish alike will become easy pickings, for both the fight of your life, and the frying pan!

Fall Fishing


Now the water is cooling off, and the leaves are falling.  The lake traffic has slowed way down, and fish such as walleye, bass, and northern pike are
putting on a feed bag.  This can be THE time of year to fish, if the weather cooperates!  This is also the time of year, where I will make special trips to the Eastern part of the state, chasing spawning Chinook Salmon, and some of the biggest Brown Trout you will ever see!

Ice Fishing


The hard water season is THE highlight of winter in Wisconsin!  Bluegills and crappies can be had throughout the winter.  Walleyes are also a favorite target on both tip-ups and jig poles.  Northern pike and largemouth bass are favorite tip-up targets.  I even specialize in ice fishing for inland brook trout!

2019 Rates


All rates based on Lake Wissota and fishing 2 anglers. Add $25 for a third angler.  Add $50 for a tag boat.  Add $25 for lakes other than Wissota.

  • Half Day (4-5 Hours) $225
  • Full Day (6-8 Hours) $325
  • Two Day Package $575
  • NEW IN 2019~ Season Pass, 12 half day trips for $2500
  • Ice Fishing $100 per person (6 hours)
  • Fall Trout/Salmon, please call for pricing.
  • A deposit of $75 is required
    upon booking a half day trip.  
    A deposit of $125 is due
    upon booking a full day.

Lakes Guided


  • Lake Wissota
  • Lake Altoona
  • Chetek Chain of Lakes
  • Lake Menomin
  • Lake X


Half Day Deposit


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Balance due, day of trip